Day 76 Wednesday 16th August 2017

Dieppe to Boulogne

Set off at 10 am so that we have four hours of tide against and six hours of tide with us.  It takes us 10 hours to cover 53 miles – motoring with the mainsail up (and the genoa for an hour as the wind shifted round sufficiently).  A beautiful sunny day which would have been perfect for sailing – but there’s only 5 knots of wind and the wind direction indicator is going round and round!  Very cyclonic!

I read parts of my ‘History of Modern France’ about the First World War to Malcolm.  I didn’t realise that De Gaulle, serving in the trenches,  received a bayonet wound in the thigh and was captured by the Germans. 

On the AIS we can see all the ships in the shipping lanes going up and down the Channel and then actually see them in the distance.  We are tracking a bigger Dutch boat ( J35 ) on AIS which left shortly after us and eventually draws level just as we enter the outer harbour at Boulogne.  One boat cruising but two boats racing!

I prepare a boat stew (a one-pot supper, served in bowls with spoons,  to be eaten on passage) with chicken, lardons, potatoes and carrots and haricot beans.  It’s a welcome meal at 6.30 pm. 

You have to call the Port Authorities in Boulogne on Channel 12 to make sure that you are able to enter.  And we are.  Then Malcolm rounds the south pier and manages to snare another fisherman’s line – the air is blue from atop the pier end! 

When I go to the Capitainerie to pay, the Dutch couple just behind us have seen a dozen dolphins. No such luck for us !


DSCF2202 (640x478)
The marina at Boulogne – noisy fishing boats on the quay opposite – at low tide



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