Day 73  Sunday 13 August 2017

Fecamp to Dieppe

The Cote d’Albatre (Alabaster Coast) is known for its high white cliffs but the shoreline is eroding at such a ferocious rate that the small resorts, tucked in at the mouths of successive valleys, may not last another century.  However at the moment they are prospering with marinas, water sports facilities and casinos which ensure a steady summer trade.

We set sail at 12 noon to catch the tide flowing north.  Bit of an entanglement with a fishing line cast from the north pier just as we are passing – reminds us of having to dodge Whitby’s north pier fishermen! 


DSCF2155 (640x478)



We have 3 knots of current with us and seem to be doing really well, but the wind is 7 – 9 knots, and from further north than expected, and we can only motor-sail.  The cruising chute is already to go but the wind is in the wrong direction – again!

Every break in the cliff seems to be filled with a village – even those which only have a shingle beach and no port – but one has Paluel nuclear power station in it!


DSCF2161 (640x478)
Paluel nuclear power station




The sea is a beautiful turquoise colour.  You can understand why the Impressionist painters all flocked to this coast – the white cliffs and the irridescent colour of the sea.

On arriving at Dieppe we have to listen on Channel 12 for any Port information as the Dieppe – the Newhaven ferry comes in here and they also regularly dredge the channel.  It seems that all the yachts come in at the same time, about 5 pm.  There are French, German, Dutch, British and even Danish yachts.  Many are heading home at the end of a cruise. 


DSCF2187 (640x478)
Busy Dieppe


After supper we go for a walk along the prom where there’s a huge fair, even bigger than St.Vaast.  Standing underneath the ride with the two long arms makes Malcolm feel quite poorly!

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