Day 8 Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Port Haliguen to Arzal on the Vilaine River

Set off at 1 p.m. under engine with no wind and a flat calm sea.  Very hot indeed.  After a picnic lunch (pate sandwiches) we did a MOB drill, throwing in a red round fender to represent the Man Overboard.  I had to take the boat round in a circle, having thrown the life-sling with floating line into the water (this is attached to the boat) for the MOB to put on.  Also had to press MOB on the GPS to mark the spot.  We should also have thrown the lifebelt immediately for the casualty to grab onto and, if the casualty is unconscious the other life belt, dan buoy and light to mark the spot.  Next lesson will be on getting the casualty back on board.  Feel very anxious about the whole thing and am absolutely determined not to fall overboard!

The wind picks up and we can sail with tide pushing us past the Penvins peninsula where we had our first picnic with our family last year – the girls making their names with white stones and the boys gathering rocks glinting with ‘fool’s gold’.  They were so disappointed it wasn’t real!


DSCF1637 (640x478)

Our new depth sounder – a lead line!

We negotiate the shallow bar at the entrance to the Vilaine without our depth sounder but on a rising tide, and proceed cautiously upriver to the waiting pontoon for the lock.  It’s 8 o’clock in the evening, a cuckoo greets us and we eat the rest of the chilli con carne before inspecting the barrage and the lock ready for tomorrow.

Here we are waiting before the barrage at Arzal – the lock on the left

DSCF1639 (640x478)