Day 33 Sunday 25th June 2017

L’Aber Wrach to Roscoff

After 25 years, the toilet is well and truly blocked! Malcolm spent the morning trying to unblock it but to no avail. Can’t repeat what he said, something along the lines of ‘What a sh…… y morning he’d had!’ So a bucket it is, until we get to somewhere where there are shops selling new pipes and clips. M says that’s what they did in the old days, but I’m not convinced.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. We leave L’Aber Wrach passing the peche a pied fantatics and anglers immersed to their waists, a fort with a smiley face on the seaward side, and the bouys named ‘Petit pot de beurre’ and ‘Grand pot de beurre’.


The sky is overcast and we’re wearing long trousers for the first time. Everyone coming into the estuary is wearing oilies – but maybe they’ve come over from England.

La Vierge lighthouse makes me think that we really are heading north now, rounding the corner to North Brittany. We talk about all the new ports and anchorages in South Brittany we’ve been to and which ones are our favourites. We particularly liked Houat with its wonderful beaches and Belle Isle, especially the contrast between quiet, sleepy Sauzon and Le Palais, bustling with ferries and the huge citadel dominating the port. And of course, la Golfe du Morbihan, with so many happy memories of spending a week en famille last July.

DSCF1838 (640x478)
La Vierge lighthouse near L’Aber Wrach


Our intention is to catch the afternoon flood tide to take us to Roscoff, but not to arrive too early for the Chenal du Batz as it’s still strong springs. Over the whole journey we averaged 6.5 knots but unfortunately we had to motorsail with the genoa as the wind was directly behind us. The rolling sea didn’t really allow the sail to set properly.

The mist came down as we approached the Ile de Batz off Roscoff and the lighthouse is obscured. We spent a day on the island last year – in much better weather.

DSCF1839 (640x478)
Ile de Batz lighthouse


A ferry – the ‘Oscar Wilde’, an Irish Ferry – is just coming out as we approach the marina, and seems to mow down a yacht from this angle, but she escapes!

DSCF1840 (640x453)

We are placed on Pontoon F, miles away from the Capitainerie and the showers, but there are loos at the bottom of the pontoon. We’ll need them! Order a baguette and croissants for the morning at the Capitainerie as the shop has closed down at the marina. We remember from last year how far it was to walk to the shops. The Wifi is rubbish so we’ll go to the Bar in the Marina tomorrow morning for the weather forecast and to post the blog. Meanwhile we snuggle down with another episode of House of Cards after pasta, homemade sauce and salad. Sunday night in!

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