Day 32 Saturday, 24th June 2017

L’Aber Wrach

As we came here last year and walked up to the mouth of the aber, we decided to walk inland on the sentier cotier, towards Paluden. Not a very promising day, with rain forecast in the afternoon: we’re just not used to having any rain, apart from the storm in Vannes.   The path doesn’t follow the estuary very closely and much of it is rather bocage-like, with high sides and tall bracken so you can’t see anything. However there are compensations in wild flowers and birdsong, and a great tranquillity. We are following the signs of the Balade de l’enfer (the walk of hell):

DSCF1832 (640x478)

Discover a sailing boat to rival Whitby’s on the roundabout near Trenchers,

DSCF1829 (640x478)

and a very nautical gate into a field,

DSCF1830 (640x478)

a view across a field of maize of the huge La Vierge lighthouse, just north of the entrance to L’Aber Wrach,

DSCF1831 (640x478)

and a planter which would just go with my house! Could be a job for Malcolm next winter?

DSCF1833 (640x478)

Call in for lunch at a café near the marina: Malcolm has Moules frites again (think he must have got fed up of my home cooking) and I have tagliatelle with scallops. It starts to drizzle and we move inside.

Go back to the boat to think seriously about our plans to get to Guernsey for our flights as we need to find a sheltered port as a jumping off point. We may also be there for days as the strong winds and swell start on Wednesday and carries on until at least Sunday, possibly longer. We go to Roscoff tomorrow, then look at Perros Guirec with tidal gates that only open an hour and half either side of High Water, and Lezardrieux, 5 miles down a river, with no tidal limitations but strong currents at springs. All this means missing Morlaix, but maybe we can go on the bus!

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